Ethiopia Holiday Picture Archive

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VW Beetle Minded?

Into the countryside

Discovering the source of the Nile; the Blue Nile waterfalls

Lake Tana


Hiking in the Simien mountains

Abandoned tanks used in the war with Iritrea, now used as childrens playground.
It is common to decorate bars and lunchrooms with paintings. The source is usually based on panflets used by the national tourist agency.
Needed for the hike is transport for our food, tents and luggage. A foreman is assigned who will arrange the appropiate handling of bissnes. After all, these kind of undertakings does boost the local econimy.
A armed guard is mandatory. Not only for the baboons that can cause a threat, but also for protection against ex-solders that have fleed in the mountains.
Underway we encounter a small village. The children were underway to school. It turns out that they are heading in the same direction so we exchange some school songs and enjoy how they sing songs in their language.

The summit at 2940m.
Another village

Sunset, and very cold. A solution was to fill the waterflask with hot tea and place that in the sleeping bag. After getting settled (in a warm environment) drinking the tea and quikly falling asleep. At night the tempretures droppd below zero so that there where ice cubes in the flask the next morning.

Christmas in Lalibela

Going south

Encounters with the Hamar

The national dish: Injera